10 Reasons/Signs to see a Chiropractor

#1: Chronic pain in your joints, muscles or head

#2: Your job requires you to sit for long periods of time or to perform repetitive physical tasks

#3:  You sit at a desk 

#4: Sharp pain shoots from your hip down your leg

#5: Pain, achiness, a burning sensation or stiffness comes and goes in parts of your body, with no explainable cause

#6: You want to address joint or muscle pain without drugs or surgery

#7: The soles of your shoes consistently wear differently

#8:  An injury to a muscle, joint or spine hasn't healed with initial medical treatment, medications or physical therapy

#9: Your head is positioned forward rather than directly over your shoulders

#10: One of your shoulders is lower than the other


***Please remember that this Website is not intended for diagnostic purposes. Please only refer to the reasons/signs mentioned above in reference to why you could and/or should see your local Chiropractor.***